Legal assistance PRO BONO

Legal assistance PRO BONO


On December 16, the Public Chamber of the Samara Region hosted a meeting dedicated to the provision of Pro bono assistance by lawyers.

It became part of the systematic work of PASO in this direction.

In November, the Chamber of Lawyers of the Samara Region signed an agreement with the Ombudsman for the Rights of the Child in the Samara Region.

On November 9, 2021, on the All-Russian Day for the Provision of Legal Aid to Children, a joint event of the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Samara Region on demographic and family policy, affairs of veterans and disabled people, the Commissioner for the Rights of the Child and representatives of the Bar Association was held in the videoconference mode on the site of the Public Chamber of the Samara Region.

Continuing the implementation of this agreement, on December 16, a meeting was held with S.I. Poldamasova, head of the Radost Charitable Foundation. The legal community was represented by the Vice-President of PASO A.V. Borodin, a member of the PASO Council, chairman of the Bar Association No. 44 T.D. Ivanova, as well as attorneys of Collegium No. 44 who take part in the work of the Pro bono center.

The purpose of the meeting was to establish cooperation between lawyers and the "Radost" charitable foundation. As a pilot project, a decision was made to take “patronage” over one of the orphanages by lawyers in the form of free consultations to the administration of the institution on legal issues of inmates and legal education of children. During the meeting, they touched upon many problematic aspects that arise during the release of pupils into independent life. As a result, a cooperation agreement was signed with the "Joy" Foundation, the implementation of which will begin in the coming 2022.

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