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On March 11, 2020, the General Reporting and Election Meeting of the Samara Regional Bar Association was held.

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The participants approved the reports of the Presidium and the Revision Commission for 2019, estimates of expenses and income for 2020, made changes to the Charter, elected the Presidium, the Chairman of the Presidium, the Revision Commission, as well as delegates to participate in the Twentieth (regular) annual conference of the Chamber of Lawyers of the Samara Region.

The Samara Regional Bar Association is the largest law firm in the Chamber of Lawyers of the Samara Region - it is 441 lawyers.

There are 36 branches in SOKA (148 attorneys), 297 operate individually as part of the board.

In the conference hall of the 7 Avenue Hotel, 287 attorneys who participated in the meeting personally and by proxy provided a quorum for decision-making.

Presenting to colleagues the report on the work of the Presidium of the Samara Regional Bar Association, Chairman of the Presidium TD Butovchenko emphasized that the status of the largest lawyer “faction” imposes a great responsibility on those present for making decisions that can determine the future development of the Samara Region Bar.

In the report, Tatyana Dmitrievna highlighted the most important issues that will be brought up for discussion at the Twentieth (regular) annual PASO conference. Particular attention was paid to the activities of lawyers participating in the system of providing subsidized legal assistance as a defense attorney in criminal proceedings for purposes of the inquiry, preliminary investigation or court in accordance with Art. 50 and 51 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation and as a representative in civil proceedings by court order in accordance with Art. 50 Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation. It is this activity, according to T. Butovchenko, that most often becomes the subject of verification by both government agencies and the Qualification Commission of the Bar Association in disciplinary proceedings. The participants discussed the risks and advantages of participating in the state system of free legal aid.

The meeting approved the report of the Presidium of the Nonprofit Organization of the Samara Regional Bar Association for 2019.

Chairman of the Audit Commission N.V. Glumova presented a report on the audit of the financial and economic activities of SOKA for 2019.

The estimate is executed with a substantial surplus. Lawyers approved a similar estimate of expenses and income for 2020, noting with satisfaction that membership fees remain at the same level.

In accordance with the Agenda of the meeting, the Chairman of the Presidium of SOKA was elected by open vote.

The meeting unanimously confirmed the authority of TD Butovchenko for the next 3 years. Colleagues voted for the proposed candidates for the Presidium and the Revision Commission.

Based on the results of the voting, the Presidium of SOKA included:
Akinina Valentina Yuryevna
Altukhova Lyudmila Ivanovna
Arziani Vakhtangi Eduardovich
Burtykina Irina Vladimirovna
Kanaeva Galina Alekseevna
Kapishina Olga Mikhailovna
Latyshkin Evgeny Viktorovich
Savelyev Konstantin Anatolyevich

The Revision Commission was elected as a member of:
Glumova Natalya Valerevna
Eremina Julia Valerevna
Frolovsky Gennady Mikhailovich

The charter of the Samara Regional Bar Association is brought into line with the amendments made by the Federal Law of 02.12.2019 No. 400-ФЗ “On Amendments to the Federal Law“ On the Advocacy at the Bar in the Russian Federation ”. Changes were made to paragraphs 1.1, 1.9, 5.13, 6.6 of the SOKA Charter.

To participate in the Twentieth (regular) PASO annual conference, the Samara Regional Bar Association in accordance with the approved representation standards elected 88 delegates who meticulously considered the voting mechanism to elect members of the Council and the Qualification Commission of the Chamber of Lawyers of the Samara Region at the upcoming conference.

Colleagues are represented by members of SOKA who have put forward their candidatures for election to the PASO attorneys-self-governing bodies: V.E. Arziani, A.V. Borodin, A.V. Kokin, E.V. Latyshkin, S.V. Mozharova.

The meeting expressed general confidence in the candidates and expressed wishes for victory in the upcoming elections.

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