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News & Events

The Chamber of Advocates of the Samara Region informs about the issue of the next issue of the journal "Vestnik PASO", the electronic version of which is available on the official website www.paso.ru

A printed version of the publication can be obtained from the Chamber of Advocates after September 25, 2018.

ISSUE NUMBER 3 (54) 2018
Выпуск 3(54)2018

The victory of Bashkir sportsmen ended with the open championship of Russia in mini-football among lawyers

President of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers Yuri Pilipenko, heads of regional advocates' chambers and representatives of the Advocatskaya Gazeta presented cups, medals and other awards to the winners and prize-winners of the 8th Russian mini-football championship among lawyers, as well as to the best players of this tournament.


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Today in Moscow, the All-Russian Mini-Football Championship among lawyers for the prize of the "New Lawyer's newspaper."

The Chamber of Advocates of the Samara Region is represented at the tournament by a team composed of Dmitry Golenkov (team captain), Andrey Fadeev, Mikhail Shramko, Roman Chizhov, Alexander Sizonenko, Stas Borisov, Vadim Bikchurin, Andrei Ilyasov, Dmitry Gorelik.

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August 16, 2018 a meeting of the Qualification Commission of the Chamber of Advocates of the Samara region.

41 the status applicant is admitted to the passing of the qualification exam, which will take place on September 6, 2018.

10 disciplinary productions are considered:
- in 6 cases, violations of the norms of legislation regulating advocacy and (or) improper performance of obligations to the principal, failure to comply with the decisions of the bodies of advocate self-government, were observed in the actions of lawyers;
- 4 disciplinary proceedings were terminated due to proper performance of professional duties.



Dear colleagues!


In order to inform about the decisions made by the disciplinary authorities on disciplinary proceedings on the official website of the Chamber of Advocates of the Samara Region www.paso.ru, the section "For lawyers" will contain the decisions taken by the PASO Council on the complaints of the applicants containing the assessment of the lawyer's behavior in terms of compliance with the requirements legislation regulating advocacy.


The number of published decisions will necessarily include those that are appealed by lawyers in court and judicial acts on the basis of the examination of claims for recognition of ungrounded and unjustified decisions of the PASO Council.


The names of lawyers and applicants, the names of organizations and other personal data in the documents have been changed to fictitious. 


Уважаемые коллеги!


В целях информирования  о принимаемых органами адвокатского самоуправления решений по дисциплинарным производствам на официальном  сайте Палаты адвокатов Самарской области www.paso.ru в разделе "Для адвокатов"  будут размещаться решения,  принятые Советом ПАСО по жалобам заявителей, содержащие оценку  поведения адвоката с точки зрения соответствия требованиям законодательства, регулирующего адвокатскую деятельность.


В число публикуемых решений в обязательном порядке будут включаться те, которые обжалованы адвокатами в судебном порядке  и судебные акты по результатам рассмотрения исков о признании незакоными и необоснованными решений Совета ПАСО.


Фамилии адвокатов и заявителей, наименование организаций и другие персональные данные в документах изменены на вымышленные.


On August, 7th another training event in the School of a young lawyer was conducted by a member of the Council of the Chamber - Ilya Plotnikov and his colleague on lawyer education "Yakovlev and Partners" - Roman Kovchik

The subject of the lesson is "Review of the current arbitration practice in bankruptcy cases".

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On 1 August 2018, another free seminar on the professional development program for PASO lawyers was held. The traditional topic "Standards of advocacy" gives lawyers the opportunity to get answers to all questions encountered in the practice of law: regulated by procedural law, the Law on advocacy, the Code of Professional Ethics, the Standard for the participation of defense counsel in criminal proceedings and in all other cases not settled by any provisions, but encountered in the implementation of advocacy.

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The Council considered 128 items of the agenda.

A.S. Kotova, A.N. Fedotkin, L.A. Yemelyanova (from left to right) took an oath of allegiance to a lawyer's debt.

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On July 19, 2018, the meeting of the Qualification Commission of the Chamber of Advocates of the Samara Region took place.

Considered 53 disciplinary proceedings.
- in 17 cases, violations of the norms of the legislation regulating advocacy and (or) improper performance of obligations to the principal have been observed in the actions of lawyers;
- 17 lawyers were found guilty of failure to fulfill the obligation for monthly deductions for the maintenance of the bar;
- 17 disciplinary proceedings were terminated due to the proper performance by lawyers of professional duties;
- 2 terminated due to reconciliation of the parties.


On July 16 - 17, the Institute of Legal Studies of Advocacy and Mediation at the Bar of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Lawyers held a training in the Bar of the Samara Region "The jury trial - practical skills of the lawyer".

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Draft Concept of regulation of the market of professional legal assistance was discussed in the Chamber of Advocates of the Samara Region

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Seminar Standards of Advocacy


Meeting of the PASO Council


Beginning of the course of the School of Young PASO Advocate

Issue number 3 (54) 2018
Выпуск 3(54)2018


Bulletin of the Bar of Samara region